We educate children to love and respect each other and their environments worldwide.


BOBO&TEEDEE® is an educational and cultural cartoon from the Cayman Islands.

We promote Cayman’s culture and lifestyle through animations.

SUMMARY: BOBO & TEEDEE®,an original Caribbean Cartoon made in the Cayman Islands, follows Caymanian characters, “Bobo”,theGreen Turtle, and “Teedee”,the Blue Iguana, as they explore and learn about their homeland with their friends, teachers and parents.

EDUCATION-CULTURE & HISTORY: On the show, Bobo, Teedee and friends attend “Adventure School”where they make expeditions around Cayman to learn what makes their home unique and diverse. 

They learn why there are so many different animals on the islands and partake in local traditions and festivals.
Bobo and Teedee also discover Cayman’s history and unique island culture from their Grandparents and, an old sea captain named Captain Donkey.

INTERNATIONAL FOCUS: Like real life in Cayman, Bobo & Teedee have local friends and ex-pat friends. Grandpa Turtle, an old sea captain himself, drives a tour bus. Sometimes Bobo and Teedee help him and share what they know about Cayman with the tourists. They also learn about the world beyond Cayman from visitors.

LIFE LESSONS: Diversity is celebrated. Many of the“Animals” on the show have various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Special effort is made to make all feel comfortable and represented. There are traditional Caymanians, Cubans, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, British, Americans, Irish, Canadians, Indians, Asians, Africans, Etc. Life lessons in respect, tolerance, and kindness are taught to characters by Mrs. Turtle, Bobo’s mommy, the school teacher.


All our character animals are very special to the Cayman Islands.