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COVID Safety

It's HERE!!! Our hand-washing music video project with Bobo & Teedee's Island Adventures and SANDS Creative Ltd, in partnership with HMCI and HE The Governor - Cayman Islands, is finally complete! Thanks to all our local children for helping us out and all their parents and guardians for making it happen. Share widely!!! From Cayman Islands Red Cross FB Page.

"Victim Advocacy Training" in Alabama

Cayman's Bobo & Teedee's Island Adventures made its international debut at the National Child Advocacy Center's "Victim Advocacy Training" in Alabama this week as PSH Coordinator and Cayman Islands Red Cross Deputy Director Carolina Ferreira shared the "My Body Is My Own" child safety lesson with fellow participants at the session. The video was incredibly well received and Bobo and Teedee may be making an appearance across North American child advocacy center's in the near future.

My Body is My Own

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Child Protection

Did you know? BOBO&TEEDEE's one of the creators is actively involved in Child Protection Movement! •The documentary, “Unspeakable: Confronting Child Sexual Abuse in the Cayman Islands,” is one of only four media theatre presentations that were accepted for this year’s congress. Other entries accepted were from the United States, and two submissions from the United Kingdom, including one from Scotland. CLICK IMAGE to read the article on Cayman Compass.