• Our Mission •

BOBO&TEEDEE® is an original Caribbean Cartoon written, produced, animated and voiced in the Cayman Islands. 

It follows local Caymanian Characters “Bobo, the green turtle,” and “Teedee, the blue iguana,” as they explore their Cayman homeland and other parts of the Caribbean, with their friends, each represented, by an animal or creature indigenous to Cayman, or visiting from around the world. 

The world of Bobo & Teedee reflects the Cayman lifestyle and culture. It targets younger kids 
becoming aware of living on an island. We aid our children in learning a culture unique to Cayman through this programme. BOBO&TEEDEE®the episodic show, celebrates collaborative inclusion and provides entertaining storylines that include educational, social, historical and everyday life lessons to children. 

We do this to inspire our youngster to become proud of their culture and teach them about the beauty and valuable diversities found in the people of the Cayman Islands.”


Knowledge is power. We teach life lessons, culture, heritage, and everything Cayman offers to the world with these characters.


BOBO & TEEDEE® promotes and shines a light on authentic Cayman Experiences. 


Our lessons teach children to protect the natural environment of the Cayman Islands, our customs, culture and heritage.

How to support BOBO & TEEDEE®

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