“Prepare the Child for the Road, Not the Road for the Child”

This quote sums up to what I believe, said Mari Abe, co-creator of the BOBO&TEEDEE™.

These days children are growing up in a very different world from our childhood.

Easy access to the internet, people are always connected to the ocean of information. And they have too much information and too much choice. 

As parents, we can not do what our parents did to us, just because the situation is different. But I firmly believe we need to pass on good intentions. 

Love one another, trust each other, give, and care for others are very important in my family.

I still remember my father’s loving eyes looking at me and telling me that I am beautiful. I believe that small action he did helped me to have confidence in me. And I just knew, no matter what, my parents will be there for me. They didn’t have to tell me, I just knew it from their kind actions.

You may say that I am lucky to have such loving parents. And I agree. But you can start with you. Just tell your child(ren) how important they are, how much they meant to you, how much you love them. It only takes 5 seconds to tell them that 5seconds will make a huge difference in their future, even if you are not with them anymore. 

That love you plant in their mind will blossom in the future. And that love will make them a better person and help them to make better decisions.

So go ahead and hug them and tell them how important they are!  

Protection Starts Here

We’ve been working with this wonderful group since 2012.  BOBO&TEEDEE™ has been creating content to children so that it is easy to understand and easy to digest. PSH Group also does work shop so that teacher can learn how to use the video and pass on the information effectively to children. For more informations please contact